Creates a batch genealogy across complex manufacturing data and couples it with easy-to-use Al and analytics to unlock value in manufacturing processes

Supply Chain

Creates an out-of-the-box supply chain graph across complex global systems allowing visibility, risk management, simulation and


Enterprise platform for managing product level sustainability bringing control, trust, transparency and visibility on all products



  • Statistics

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Neural Networks

  • Reinforcement learning

  • Optimization


  • Stay Current on Changing Regulations

  • Objective QA Procedures

  • FDA Audit/Inspection Preparation

  • Drug Recall Planning

  • Revising Manufacturing, Training and Operating Procedures


  • First Principles

  • Decades of Experience

  • Plant Safety

  • Understanding

  • Deep Industry

  • Know-how

  • Operational Process

  • Knowledge

  • Design Best Practices


  • Cloud

  • Simulation

  • Modeling Edge Computing

  • High-Performance Computing

  • Distributed Computing

  • Enterprise Visualization & Workflow

  • Data Analytics

  • Reliability

Mareana Delivers

Multivariate Analysis (MVA)

Real-time analysis of all relevant parameters to compare the path of progress with the desired path – allowing changes to prevent failures and enabling root cause analysis in case of failures.

Continued Process Verification

Monitoring and tuning critical process parameters and quality attributes to improve your factory yield and meet regulatory requirements.

Improve your QC & QA, reduce your regulatory risk, and optimize your customer service.

Typical savings $1M – $10M per year, per site.

Accelerated Smart Factory Transformation

Data contextualization, harmonization, and integration of all of your manufacturing systems can be complicated and often take a year or more for each plant.

Smart connectors, pre-trained AI modules, and algorithms are GxP-validated and ready for deployment. Compressing your time to value.

Adaptive Process Manufacturing (APM)

Manufacturing Intelligence offers the plugins for your advanced models to feed signals back to manufacturing systems.

As your sophistication and maturity increase use the Manufacturing Intelligence infrastructure to rapidly deploy SPM across your products without additional investments in systems.