Manufacturing Intelligence Reimagined

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Faster Analysis

  • Faster Regulatory Submissions
  • Accelerates Speed to market
  • Enables digital tech transfer
  • Knowledge Management

Faster Time to Market

  • Faster Quality Control
  • Continued Process Verification
  • Advanced capabilities (Multivariat)
  • Analysis, Digital Twins, Real Time Release, No Code ML)
  • Knowledge Management

Robust Knowledge Management

  • GxP Ready
  • Integrated Solution Data Modelling, AI, Reporting, Statistical Analysis
  • SaaS – On Premise/ Hosted
  • Auto contextualized Genealogy (no dependency on Master data)
  • Unstructured Data Integration Paper batch record, COA, Excel, pdf

What could you do, if your manufacturing timeline was cut by 50%?

By having all the information in one software with all the necessary elements and processes integrated your manufacturing time can be reduced dramatically.

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Mareana Advantage

Mareana’s MI Advantage


Data Fabric

Designed for complex mult system global enterprises
  • Does not require intense SME involvement
  • Designed for complex multi system global enterprises
  • Built-in algorithms to connect data across multiple systems
  • Success is not dependent on master data cleanup


Designed for undefined future requirements
  • Flexible configurable calculations
  • Easy Simulation capability for scenario planning
  • Flexible system connectivity
  • Built-in allocation logic from different nodes
  • Configurable data entry screens for new data


Designed to represent business as a graph
  • Allows flexible extension with hybrid (unstructured, semi-structured, unstructured) data sources
  • Adapts to variations and changes without any re-engineering of data models

Ease of Governance

Designed for multi-yeargoal setting and tracking
  • Configurable governance dashboards to track plan vs actual against all sustainability targets
  • Data governance dashboards to track completeness and accuracy of all data

Trust & Visibility

Designed for Regulatory and Audit compliance
  • Audit traceability on data, calculations and changes
  • Built-in approval workflows for manual data entry and manual changes
  • Full traceability to support market claims