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Ensure your products meet consumers’ demands for transparency and information

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Learn how you can adapt to customer sentiment and global market pressures using our products

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Case Studies

Read about numerous customer success stories.

Product Level Visibility

Gain product-level visibility into ingredients, composition, and sources to be able to create what-if scenarios.

Real-time insights into product ingredients

Batch-level drill-downs allow you to find out which products were made when, where, and through which channels of sourcing

Source-level details of ingredients and compositions

Find out origin of material sources, responsible sourcing practices, and processing details.

Unstructured Data

Gain insights into production-level details to understand impact of changes, alternate processes, and sourcing

Manage Regulatory Requirements

Bring all data sources to a single platform, and continually update
data feeds to meet regulatory requirements.

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Access new information about changing requirements

Be in the know of changing mandates and the required data to fulfill the new regulatory filings.

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Change supply chain processes in real-time

Understand impact of changes in real-time, using our Process Digital Twin, and make changes without disruption

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Leverage alternative manufacturers who will help meet regulatory requirements

Review and understand partner capabilities, production levels, and source alternative partners for sustainability

Find answers

Find answers from your complex data sources using our simple query functionality


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Drill down to specific product details

Find specific product details and understand their connections to processes and impact of change


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Google-like search functionality to ask questions

Begin with a simple question and keep drilling down to every connected data node


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Collaborative data feed to continually improve product information and intelligence

Bring siloed and real-time data into a single pane to continually build data-driven insights and analytics

Market intelligence Management

Continuously learn from market signals to understand customer questions, competition, and shifts in trends and preferences

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Feed from intelligence of new companies and their capabilities

Leverage real-time Intelligence from new companies and products to understand your impact

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Add new variables and find impact of change

Build digital twins in real-time to understand new ingredients, processes, and vendor change impact

Value Proposition

Improved decision making

Accurate forecasting

SKU-level granularity

Obtain real-time visibility to maximize profit

Business leaders know that they should prioritize selling and marketing efforts on their most profitable products. However, that’s easier said than done for a multitude of reasons.

Business Pain Points

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Profitability is derived from “standard cost” which does not include variances occurring from real-time business events like inflation, changes in manufacturing, changes in transportation etc.

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The profitability is not at the SKU level. It is typically at the product family level. It is impossible to make SKU level decisions with this broad brush.

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Businesses often get surprised at the end of the quarter after the books are closed because of unexpected variances hitting COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) and reducing their margins.


Gain competitive advantage

  • Ability to simulate cost and business impact due to product ingredient substitution.
  • Increase business ability to comply with regulation.

Improve Brand Image

  • Improve brand image and competitive advantage by providing just in time sustainability related information.
  • Increase ability to manage business risk due to sustainability factors.

The Solution

Mareana’s Gross Profit gives businesses a real-time predictive “true cost” at an SKU level daily to support decision-making.

Works within the limitations of their current ERP systems

Works despite the complexity of their current system landscape

Works despite the shortcomings of their current business processes