Connect Suite: Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Supply Chain with VSM & CPV

The pharmaceutical industry is at a pivotal moment, with the Connect suite of solutions—featuring Connect CPV™ and the newly introduced Connect VSM™ (Value Stream Map)—leading the charge towards a digital-first future. While Connect CPV™ has been instrumental in enhancing Continuous Process Verification within manufacturing, Connect VSM™ extends this innovation to the supply chain, ushering in an era of unparalleled transparency, efficiency, and agility.

Transforming Supply Chain Management with Connect VSM™

Connect VSM™ expands the genealogy concept from unit operations and batch levels to encompass materials, brands, and site levels, transforming it into a comprehensive Supply Chain Knowledge Graph. This extension makes VSM an invaluable tool for supply chain functions, providing a macroscopic view of the entire supply chain network. Planners and decision-makers gain the ability to understand, react to, and improve supply chain dynamics like never before.

Unveiling End-to-End Visibility

VSM offers full visibility across the value chain, enabling intelligent insights based on current data. It answers pivotal supply chain questions, such as network configuration, product flow details, and planning data accuracy, thereby facilitating strategic decisions to reduce lead times, ensure supplier adherence, and minimize variability.

Empowering True Supply Chain Insights

With Connect VSM™, organizations achieve full visibility across sites and departments, track product flows from global to batch levels, and investigate supply chain flows historically, currently, and into the future. It allows for monitoring end-to-end parameters, visualizing critical metrics, and tracking supply chain variability, all contributing to a more resilient and responsive supply chain.

Proactive and Up-to-Date Monitoring

The solution enables up-to-date operational performance evaluation, identifies improvement opportunities, and monitors project effectiveness. Exception-based alerts ensure that deviations are managed proactively, maintaining benchmark performance across brands and locations.

Navigating “What-If” Scenarios with Confidence

Connect VSM™ excels in answering “what-if” questions, assessing the end-to-end impact of supply chain events, prioritizing actions based on urgency, and exploring alternative actions to mitigate potential risks. This foresight allows for strategic agility and informed decision-making in a volatile market.

Exploring Alternative Configurations and Simulations

The platform supports scenario modeling in a sandbox environment, simulating real-life situations to assess their impact and accelerate business transformation. This includes probabilistic simulation analysis to evaluate scenario success likelihoods and identify optimal settings for Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) systems.

Identifying and Minimizing Threats

Connect VSM™ proactively highlights risks within the supply chain, identifying main risk contributors and recommending mitigation options. It leverages AI to propose alternative strategies, ensuring that the supply chain is not just efficient but also resilient.

Connect Suite: A Comprehensive Digital Ecosystem

Together, Connect CPV™ and Connect VSM™ represent a holistic approach to digital transformation in pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply chain management. They embody a future where data-driven insights and digital agility pave the way for operational excellence, product quality, and competitive advantage.

By harnessing the power of the Connect suite, pharmaceutical companies can navigate the complexities of today’s global supply chains, ensuring that they are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.