Client Overview

The client is one of the most innovative pharmaceutical companies in the world, engaged in the creation, development, and delivery of therapeutic solutions to a wide range of medical conditions. It currently employs more than 130,000 people with operations in 50+ countries across different continents.

The Challenge

The client rolled out a two-year Real-Time-Release (RTR) program for one of its small molecule plants. But six months into the RTR program, the client found itself lagging behind schedule and with little to show in terms of progress

The list of attributes needed for data modeling was different for each molecule.

Data was captured in different systems and was not harmonized.

No single data model that worked across all molecules.

Lack of a structured way to harmonize data.

The Solution

Mareana’s Platform — used process data signature to evaluate and ensure the quality of in-process or final products to avoid costly wait time for lab results. The Platform also enabled a move to continuous manufacturing from traditional batch manufacturing — and significantly accelerated the rollout of the client’s RTR program. Mareana took just two weeks to deliver a Proof of Concept that contextualized and harmonized data for a molecule that the client teams had unsuccessfully tried for more than six months to accomplish.

Mareana then implemented its solution and completed the client’s RTR rollout program in four months. This saved the client 18 months and $1.4M in project execution costs

Mareana accomplished this using:

Smart algorithms that contextualized and harmonized data, eliminating complex data handling and wrangling tasks.

Pre-built connectors that allowed data intake from L1 to L4 systems including IoT sensors.

Resources diagram

Benefits delivered

Completed the client’s RTR rollout for ALL of the plant’s molecules in just four months.

Saved the client $1.4M in project execution costs.

Generated over $100M in savings annually.