Client overview

The client is one of the most innovative pharmaceutical companies in the world, engaged in the creation, development, and delivery of therapeutic solutions to a wide range of medical conditions. It currently employs more than 130,000 people with operations in 50+ countries across different continents.

The challenge

The client was struggling with scaling up Multivariate Analysis (MVA) for all of its large molecules due to the following reasons:

Variability in data models and attributes was resulting in a molecule-by-molecule design and rollout

The client’s team did not have a self organizing method for data access. As a result, it was spending most of its time on data wrangling rather than building multivariate models.

The solution

Having previously engaged Mareana to accelerate the Real Time Release (RTR) rollout for its small molecule plant – and getting results in just 4 months – the client again turned to Mareana’s Platform to solve its large molecule MVA problem. Mareana once again delivered, but this time even faster. Platform’s algorithms were able to auto contextualize data for all of the client’s large molecules in just 3 months.

Mareana accomplished this using:

Smart algorithms that contextualized and harmonized data, eliminating complex data handling and wrangling tasks.

Pre-built connectors for manufacturing systems that allowed real-time data transfer, enabling AI models to generate signals for feedback loops to the manufacturing systems.

Pre-configured dashboards for operational users, Python libraries for data scientists, and web services for 3rd party system interactivity ensuring all users have constant access to data.

person points to a digital image of charts

Benefits delivered

Completed MVA, data contextualization, and rollout for all of the plant’s 7 large molecules in just 3 months.

Increased yield by $200M per year across all molecules.