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Ensure your products meet consumers’ demands for transparency and information

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Learn how you can adapt to customer sentiment and global market pressures using our products

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Turn Chaos into Clarity

Automated data extraction is here to revolutionize how businesses handle this data chaos, transforming it into structured, actionable information.

Scalable Data Cleansing

Cleanse and standardize data, removing errors or inconsistencies to ensure accurate extracted data required for the decision-making process.

Automation accelerates the data extraction process, handling large volumes of data in a fraction of the time compared to manual methods.

Flexible Data Sources

Seamlessly pull data from various sources, including documents, websites, databases, and more. This facilitates data extraction from diverse and evolving data streams.

Customize extraction rules and templates to cater to specific data types and formats.

Secure Data Encryption

Robust security measures protect sensitive information during extraction and transmission, ensuring that data remains secure throughout the extraction process.

Monitor data extraction for compliance with regulatory requirements and data governance standards.

Data Transformation and Enrichment

Bring all data sources to a single platform, and continually update
data feeds to improve enterprise decision making.

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Data Normalization

  • Extracted data can be transformed into a standardized format, making it easier to compare, analyze, and integrate with existing datasets.
  • Normalization enhances data consistency and reduces data silos.
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Metadata Enrichment

  • Automated extraction can append additional metadata to extracted data, providing context and improving its usability.
  • Enriched data is more valuable for advanced analytics and reporting.

Holistic View of Data

Find answers from your complex data sources through the process of gathering and transforming data


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Source Diversity

Data comes from a multitude of sources, including databases, spreadsheets, web applications, and more. Data integration ensures that information from these diverse sources is brought together seamlessly.


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Unified Data Model

By integrating data, organizations can establish a unified data model that harmonizes disparate data structures, making it easier to analyze and compare information.


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Comprehensive Analysis

A holistic view of data enables comprehensive analysis, as it eliminates data silos and allows for the identification of patterns and correlations across different data sets.


Enhanced Decision-Making

  • Structured data provides clear insights, enabling informed and data-driven decision-making.
  • Quick access to accurate data empowers organizations to respond faster to market changes.

Improved Data Quality

  • Automated data extraction tools improve data accuracy and reduce the risk of human error.
  • Consistent data quality enhances the reliability of analytical results.

Competitive Advantage

  • Organizations that harness automated data extraction gain a competitive edge by being more agile in responding to market trends.
  • They can innovate and adapt faster than competitors relying on manual data processing.

Time and Cost Savings

  • Automation reduces the time and effort required for data extraction, allowing employees to focus on more value-added tasks.
  • Decreased manual intervention leads to lower operational costs.

The Solution

Mareana’s Data Extraction gives businesses a transformative process that turns unstructured or semi-structured data into structured, actionable information. .

Works within the limitations of their current ERP systems

Works despite the complexity of their current system landscape

Works despite the shortcomings of their current business processes