Pharma Industry Solutions

Global pharmaceutical companies have a data-rich and widely distributed manufacturing base, subject to evolving compliance mandates.

Data is abundant but tools for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), reporting, and analytics need to address the fundamental challenge of connecting the value and context of data across disparate systems and siloed.

An AI-driven approach to Continued Process Verification automatically connects diverse systems – unlocking unprecedented value with optimal yields, standardized processes, and on-time prescriptive decisions.

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Connect all your data in one place

At the core of the Mareana Connected Intelligence Hub is the power to integrate data sources in real-time, in context, and in compliance.

Paper Batch Records

Digitize all paper records from internal and external sources, and extract data into usable formats.

Siloed Data

Unlock data from different enterprise organizations and stream into a single pane-of-view.

Unstructured Data

Leverage intelligence from images, videos, and other non-linear data sources.

CMO Process Data

Synchronize data with your contract manufacturing organizations and enforce process compliance.


NextGen CPV, an end-to-end platform purpose-built to go above and beyond compliance, frees subject matter experts from labor intensive data preparation and use of non-standard analytical tools. Mareana’s Manufacturing Intelligence and Modeling core is leveraged to realize massive improvements in manufacturing yield and automates manual procedures. 21 CFR part 11 compliant.

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Non-standard Processes

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Manual Procedures



Manufacturing Predictability


Improved Predictability

  • Ensure consistent product quality across batches
  • Maximize product yield

Increased Efficiency

  • Automate manual processes
  • Eliminate paper batch records
  • Reduce complexity by obtaining a single source of truth

Ensured Compliance

  • Auto-generate compliance reports
  • Standardize processes
  • Enforce data traceability

Reduced Costs

  • Improved efficiency leads to less waste
  • Save on man-hours previously dedicated to manual tasks


Manufacturing Data Hub (MDH)

Liberate manufacturing data to enable frictionless Smart Factories.

NextGen CPV

Drive revenue and efficiency. Go above and beyond regulated compliance needs.

Manufacturing Early Warning System

AI driven production schedule recovery