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Mareana Manufacturing Intelligence helps enterprises improve yield, unlock capital, and comply with regulatory mandates

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Learn how our different solutions are empowering manufacturing processes through contextual intelligence.

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Case Studies

Read about numerous customer success stories.

Connect all your data in one place

At the core of the Mareana Connected Intelligence Hub is the power to integrate data sources in real-time, in context, and in compliance.

Paper Batch Records

Digitize all paper records from internal and external sources, and extract data into usable formats.

Siloed Data

Unlock data from different enterprise organizations and stream into a single pane-of-view.

Unstructured Data

Leverage intelligence from images, videos, and other non-linear data sources.

CMO Process Data

Synchronize data with your contract manufacturing organizations and enforce process compliance.

Create product genealogy in real-time

Leverage our intelligent data mapping platform to build granular product genealogy,
and update it automatically with new data in real-time.

Granular Product Details

Granular Product Details

The Manufacturing Intelligence tree-and-node environment allows you to inspect product details at a granular level–forward and backward.

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Process Anomaly and Variations

The Product Genealogy mapping allows you to detect process anomaly and variations, calculate the risk and impact of these changes, and enable decisions in real-time.

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New data impact analytics

As your processes, partners, and product metrics change in real-time, use the new data to create impact analysis.

Improve yield and unlock capital

Mareana Manufacturing Intelligence helps unlock mission-critical insights about process improvement and inventory distribution.


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Improve Yield

Consider material, ingredient, and process benchmarks and make decisions that could improve yield dramatically.


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Release On-hold Batches

With Manufacturing Intelligence, you can understand product issues at the batch level, and release on-hold batches based on data-driven decisions


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Reduce Up-stream Non-Conformances

By understanding product genealogy and process efficiency data, you can make decisions to reduce up-stream and downstream non-conformances, and unlock capital from inventory build-up.

Execute Compliance Filings Flawlessly

Whether it is a new filing or compliance filing for existing products, ensure your data is error-free and compliant.

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Ensure Complete Reporting

Missing data or information often leads to filing challenges. Ensure all your filings are complete for reporting requirements

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Leverage All Data Sources

Since product information accuracy depends on internal and external sources, Manufacturing Intelligence helps ensure all data sources are leveraged

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Reduce Errors in Filing

Compliance filing errors lead to expensive delays and process hold-ups. Manufacturing Intelligence helps reduce errors in filing.


Adaptive Process Manufacturing (APM)

  • Manufacturing Intelligence offers the plugins for your advanced models to feed signals back to manufacturing systems. As your sophistication and maturity increases use the Manufacturing Intelligence infrastructure to rapidly deploy APM across your products without additional investments in systems

Multivariate Analysis (MVA)

  • Real-time analysis of all relevant parameters to compare the path of progress with desired path – allowing changes to prevent failures and enabling root cause analysis in case of failures.
  • Typical Savings $1M ~ $20M/Year/Site

Real Time Release Testing (RTRT)

  • Use process data signature to evaluate and ensure quality of in-process or final products avoiding costly wait time for lab results.
  • This also enables a move to continuous manufacturing from traditional batch manufacturing.
  • Typical Savings $4M ~ $20M/Year/Site

Continued Process Verification (CPV)

  • Monitoring and fixing critical process parameters and critical quality attributes to improve quality outcomes and meet regulatory standards.
  • Improves quality, reduces regulatory risk, improves customer service.
  • Typical Savings $1M ~ $10M/Year/Site

Enable Smart Factory in 3-4 months

  • Data contextualization, harmonization and connecting all manufacturing systems is a very difficult and complicated initiative – it often takes a year or more for every plant.
  • Smart connectors, pre trained AI models and algorithms are GxP validated and ready for deployment shortening your deployment time to less than half.

Speed to Market

  • Digital knowledgebase of manufacturing data from Lab, DOE (Design of Experiments) to commercial manufacturing allows you to leverage historical data for new products. It also avoids costly, time taking experimental batches and speeds up decision making based on past data.
  • Digital library grows with time creating a differentiated competitive advantage for your organization.


Manufacturing Data Hub (MDH)

Liberate manufacturing data to enable frictionless Smart Factories.

NextGen CPV

Drive revenue and efficiency. Go above and beyond regulated compliance needs.

Manufacturing Early Warning System

AI driven production schedule recovery